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The CELI center has its own method: motivating and effective.


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Why choose our trainers


Trainers experience

All certified (DAEFLE, FLE, fide, FSEA, CELTA, TEFL, Cambridge etc…), our trainers know the languages methods used in Switzerland, as well as in French-speaking countries. Each trainer has an average experience of 10 years.


Certifications and attestations

The fide certificates issued by our trainers are official and required for:

* To renew a B permit: A1 oral                                                       * *to renew a C permit: A2 oral and A1 written                             *for advance C permit: B1 oral and A1 written                               * for naturalization: B1 oral and A2 written  

* for certain jobs in Switzerland (health sector etc.)


Labor market integration

Participants in vocational training or looking for a job are coached by the trainers to enable them to achieve their goal.


Located in the center of Aigle

5 minutes from the train station, in a pedestrian street in the city center next to the shops.


Determination in learning

Our method suitable for all levels has a goal for each participant that trainers must achieve by the end of the course.

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Comments about the trainers



I found myself very comfortable with the teacher’s method of teaching French. He is very prepared, patient and precise. I was able to improve my oral and written level a lot.
I recommend this school to everyone!



“The intensive course is very well organised. The teachers are all friendly and very competent. I highly recommend this school!”



The trainer succeeded in motivating me to learn French.



Friendly atmosphere-no stress. The trainer was very nice and the course was perfectly adapted to my needs. Tip-top!


Attending Our School



travel all over the Switzerland and discover beautiful places


We also are looking for sponsorship or partners to support.We offer promotion for your company visibility in our diffusion.

Frequently Asked

How long does it take to learn and communicate in English?

It depend on your level, motivation and the type of course (intensive or half-intensive). But if you follow the program 3 x 2 months plus examens, you will get a good level in less than one year!

What are the different levels?

3 levels A1-A2 / A2-B1/ B1-B2

What are the languages that can be learned in the center?

Mainly french and english, but it could be also if you ask for a conversation course : spanish, german, italian.

What is fide?

This is the official label of the Swiss program for the promotion of  linguistic integration which also certifies the levels of national languages.